About Avila

Avila Retreat Center is a non-profit, religious, ecumenical retreat center sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina.  We welcome and respect all persons and groups of goodwill, differing backgrounds and religious traditions who seek peace, joy and healing.  The Retreat Center exists to provide a relished experience, centuries old, of withdrawing to a quiet place to gain new insights into life and living.

Avila offers a unique retreat environment for groups, couples and individuals seeking a peaceful and reflective setting.  The kind of retreat you are searching for depends on your own personal journey through life.  At times we feel a need for solitude and the chance to be alone… At other times, discussion and reflection with a group would be more suitable. Sometimes a day or a weekend is all the time needed for retreating.  Again, others may need a week or more!

Bring your group to Avila Retreat Center!  Looking for a quiet setting for parish meetings, workshops, business seminars or renewal programs?  You will find the reflective environment of a retreat center is most suitable for adult education and organizational development work.  Convenient and productive – midweek dates and evening programs are available.

When have you gifted yourself/your group with some time away from your everyday concerns to relax and care for your soul?

Discover Avila for yourself!
…Reconnect with yourself …Reconnect with a friend …Reconnect with God

A gift to yourself/your group at Avila Retreat Center will include:

* Acres of unique, quiet space affording you the peace and quiet you seek




* An opportunity to walk on holy ground using our long meditation trail, paths, and labyrinth for reflecting walks and to enjoy unique outdoor beauty




* Gazebos and comfortable rooms with patios too facilitate physical rest, and space to enrich your faith and personal growth




* Time to discover the presence of God in and around you




* Delicious home-style meals served in our dining rooms