Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

Avila Retreat Center is a non-profit organization maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, for the purpose of helping people to find rest, healing, and a Spirit filled environment.  We try to operate at the lowest possible cost to allow for the widest possible socio-economic demographic of our diocese (and beyond!) to have access to the retreat center.  We are only able to do this with the help of many volunteers from the community.  God calls all of us to serve our fellow man, maybe He is calling you!

Meal Time:

One great way to spend a couple of hours is to help us serve a meal.  In most cases, we would ask that you arrive 30 minutes ahead of time (meals are usually served at 8AM, Noon, and 5PM) to help serve the guests.  You are then also welcome to enjoy the meal, either on your own or with the staff… and then help clean up afterwards.  Jesus told us the greatest among us was the one who serves.  Becoming great only takes as little as about 2 hours!  Meal assistance is most often needed Saturday morning through Sunday mornings but there are opportunities at other times as well.

Friday Night Check-in:

Most of our retreats begin on a Friday evening with guests often arriving between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.  Our guests are always greeted with a warm welcome and big smile, and we are very happy to have volunteers take over that role.  A volunteer on “receptionist duty” would direct guests towards their meeting room and hand out their pre-assigned rooms.

Gardens and Grounds:

We have a multitude of gardens, trails, and out buildings in need of loving care.  So why not come out for a day, or maybe set aside a couple of times a year to help maintain a part of Avila.  This is a great way to become a part of a retreat center that has become such an important part of so many people’s lives.


We are always in need of help sprucing up Avila in-between retreats.  This might include: decorating for various holidays, helping to prepare guest rooms, or arranging/cleaning meeting rooms for the upcoming retreats, etc.  If time at Avila has ever touched your life, please help pass that blessing on by helping to serve others!

The Staff:

You will find the staff at Avila friendly, hardworking, and dedicated to assuring the best experience possible for all the volunteers and guests at Avila.  We would love to share some time with you and your family if you could spare some of your time and talent.

If you are interested in volunteering at Avila, please fill out the following form.  Don’t hesitate to email with questions as well!  And thanks in advance for your generosity!

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